Generator Repair

Had to disassemble the whole back half of this generator but we got them back up and running and they’ve got power.. read more →

Changing electric motor bearings

Replacing bearings in a few commercial washing machine motors for a customer. Give us a call for all your electrical repair and maintenance needs, you never know, we probably can take care of the project. read more →

Chandelier hoist

Working way up on top of that scaffolding today installing a chandelier hoist so that the fixture can be lowered to change the lightbulbs easily. As I always say we can take care of just about anything. read more →

Another generator install

Another generator installed weither off grid or on grid we can install, maintain and service your generator. And just remember if you don’t want to hear a generator and have plenty Sun we can power your dream with solar. read more →

Another service

My two guys Jack & Bobby working on the service for a very large house around 8,000 square feet. read more →

Power first billboard

Trying something a little different with advertising this year we’ve got a billboard up by the Kroger hope it works well for us. read more →

Kart Track Service

Putting up a service at the kart track so we can start doing night races can’t wait.. read more →


One of my lead men finishing up the service here on a new project we’re starting.. Bobby does a beautiful job on these services. That building will have to fall over before that service comes off the wall. read more →

Sponsored Community Event

We at CES try to be a part of our community. We sponsored a community event trying to bring people together. We received a thank you card and I wanted to share it with you. I love this area we live in and do business in. Sometimes we just need to be reminded that we.. read more →

Network cabling

Just remember CES can run your cabling for your network in your home or office a wired connection can be much more reliable, faster and more secure than wifi. read more →