Solar update.

The solar system is up and running. One thing I have learned since the install is the output. I purchased a 1kw system, I knew I would not get full power and the output is with in the specs I calculated, but it is still a little disappointing. There are many things which affect the.. read more →

First Solar Project

CES is installing our first solar system. It is a small one just 1kwh, but it is a start. So if you are interested, just be patient and follow the post we will be updating as the project comes together. read more →

Solar install

Its going to take us a little longer because it’s so hot right now but we’re getting started getting the solar installation completed… read more →

Solar power

More exciting news from Consolidated Electrical Services we have just pulled off first permit to install a grid tie solar system we’re trying to move forward into the future and keep relevant in the electrical business. read more →

Art hanging project

Not what I’m known for doing but I love a challenge had a little project at The Brick making some art hangers to hang the new art on the wall. read more →

Brick remodel

Worked real hard this weekend getting the Brick ,one of my long time customers, ready to go after their new remodel here is a little glimpse I don’t want to give away too much y’all will have to go down there and see the new place yourself it looks great. read more →

Exhaust fan motor replacment

Got a call from one of my dry cleaners had to replace an exhaust fan motor so that they can get some of that hot air out of there… read more →

Inverter replacment

Had to go out to a customer to look at changing out an inverter for the battery backup system turns out they’ve changed so much we’ve got to get a engineer involved so they can engineer a new system to deal with the higher load they have now. read more →