Another generator install

Another generator installed weither off grid or on grid we can install, maintain and service your generator. And just remember if you don’t want to hear a generator and have plenty Sun we can power your dream with solar. read more →

Another service

My two guys Jack & Bobby working on the service for a very large house around 8,000 square feet. read more →

Power first billboard

Trying something a little different with advertising this year we’ve got a billboard up by the Kroger hope it works well for us. read more →

Kart Track Service

Putting up a service at the kart track so we can start doing night races can’t wait.. read more →


One of my lead men finishing up the service here on a new project we’re starting.. Bobby does a beautiful job on these services. That building will have to fall over before that service comes off the wall. read more →

Sponsored Community Event

We at CES try to be a part of our community. We sponsored a community event trying to bring people together. We received a thank you card and I wanted to share it with you. I love this area we live in and do business in. Sometimes we just need to be reminded that we.. read more →

Network cabling

Just remember CES can run your cabling for your network in your home or office a wired connection can be much more reliable, faster and more secure than wifi. read more →

Service repair

This tends to happen on a lot of underground services the ground settles and we’ll pull the meter base off the wall. We will be taken care of that for or customer so he won’t have to worry about it ever again. read more →


This one has taken the top spot for wow….This is supposed to be a receptacle… read more →

LED Undercounter light install

Did under the counter lights and also installed them in the cabinet up top with the glass really makes the kitchen look great… read more →