Our Mascot

A little change for today instead of posting boring pictures of electrical work how about a picture of our mascot. His name is Cooper and he is an Old English Bulldog….. read more →

Dangers on the lake

We still have a lot of electrical hazards which can be life-threatening on docks and around the lake. I see stuff like this almost everyday. read more →

New service for office project

Guys did a beautiful job on the new service. read more →

New office almost finished

The new office looks great with new LED lighting. read more →

Generac Home Standby Install

Another successful generator install.  As our homes become more dependent on electricity a backup generator can be the piece of mind needed when the weather turns bad.  read more →

New addition

We also started a new addition going to be another nice job for us as I always say we pretty much take care of anything that uses electricity or makes electricity. read more →

Grain elevator

The local Farm Supply installed some grain elevators so they can sell grain and other feed we got the chance to hook them up for them. Was a good job and a great challenge. read more →

Big ass ceiling fan

Another install of a big ass ceiling fan in the books… read more →

New service

Replace the service one of are really great customers they should not have any problems anymore… read more →

Generator maintenance

CES wants to remind all our generator owners don’t forget about generator maintenance for the upcoming winter storm season… read more →